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SVG Filter Effects


While most of the KDE developers enjoyed the sun and the ocean at the GCDS, KOffice people are working hard as always. 🙂 Some monthes ago Cyrille our restless Krita hacker and KOffice release manager posted a patch on reviewboard which implemented a proof of concept for filter effects in flake. Unfortunately it didn’t found the attention it deserved and such got forgotten a little (I blame myself as part of this).
Luckily Cyrille added filter effects support to the feature plan of the upcoming KOffice 2.1 release, so I stumbled upon it again and decided to do something about it. So some days ago we had a nice IRC discussion about how we would tackle the problem and how we would go about implementing it in the flake library. The decision was to have filter effects as plugins which get loaded when a shape with effects gets loaded from a file or a to be written tool for editing effects is activated.
As you might have already guessed from my boring introductory text, we’ve got a first version of a filter effects plugin working. The filter effect that was choosen to be implemented is the blur effect, because it is possible the effect most used by artists.
First step was to produce a simple svg document with a blurred shape (used Inkscape for this) and to implement the stuff needed to load the filter effect and attach is to a flake shape. The seocnd step was to actually implement the filter itself and the painting of the filtered shape. The third step was to implement a tool which can add a filter effect to a shape, remove a filter effect from a shape and as well as change properties of a filter effect attached to a shape.
A filter effect plugin does provide a corresponding configuration widget which is shown inside the tools docker widget and can be used to edit the filter effect properties (see bottom right of the screenshot below). Thus the filter effects tool only has to know about the common properties of the filter effects, the custom properies are all handled via the plugin provided configuration widget.
As a reward for those reading all the way down to this paragraph I show you an actual screenshot of Karbon with blurred shapes.


What is missing still is the code to save filter effects back to svg. Also polishing of the filter effects code is still to be done. But at least it is a nice start which already produces some nice results.